Leliat Esbra

Wizard 10


Middle-Aged Elven Wizard(Transmuter)10 (Restrict Ench)
s7→6 d10→11 c14→11 I17→22 w13→14 ch13→14


10 Spellcraft
5 Kn(Arc, His, Loc, Rel, Pla, Nat, Geo, Dun, Nob, Eng)
10 Sense Motive
5 Appraise
5 Fly

c)Scribe Scroll
1)School Focus(Evocation)
3)School Focus(Conjuration)
c)Extend Spell
5)Spell Penetration
7)Greater Spell Penetration
9)Opposition Research (Necromancy)
c)Empower Spell


Leliat Esbra is the highest-ranking general of the Prallan Army. Career military, he recently passed his century mark of military service. He is prejudiced- seeing all humanoids other than elves and gnomes as savage, uneducated and shortsighted. Even gnomes are a little shortsighted- can’t blame them, they only live around 300 years. He is smart, a good judge of character, but not very good at having his point come across. More than anything, he feels the Prallan Military should proactively eliminate threats to the republic before they outgrow the ability of the military to handle. This is unpopular talk in Pralla, where he grudginly pushes paper.

Leliat Esbra

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