Layla Hargrave


NG Human Witch 1
S10 D12 C11 I16→18 W12 Ch14
Flight Hex
Patron: Water
Familiar: Octopus (+3 to Swim)
1-Charm Person, Identify, Cure Light Wounds, Unseen Servant, Sleep, Command, Comprehend Languages
Knowledge(Nature, Arcana) 1
Spellcraft 1
Heal 1
Profession(Herbalist) 1
Craft (Alchemy) 1
Fly 1
Skill Focus: Spellcraft
Extra Hex: Cauldron→Brew Potion


Layla’s mother died from a fall when Layla was fivein her home of Leverton. Her father adjusted well, but Layla developed a fascination with air, falling, water, death, life, and generally lost interest in people. Last summer, in the pursuit of knowledge, she forged a pact with… something. She’s not sure what. But the powers she’s been able to collect! She’s suddenly found a more academic interest in people, and why they do what they do.
Layla is now twenty, and blossoming into a strange and alluring woman. Half of the men in town wish to take her hand, but her (academic) understanding is that none of them want her for her mind. She is quite content to pursue her studies for now. She is curious as to why her father disapproves of the stolid Elric, but hasn’t put much thought into it yet.

Layla Hargrave

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