King Tounishi Atheam


The oldest son of the second oldest and the most powerful house in all of Aloki, Tounishi married into the throne. He was chosen to be King more for convenience than love with the new Queen. His house helped her secure the throne and prove her worthiness.

A few short years after becoming King the Queen passed through some mysterious circumstances. As to not desecrate the body of their beloved Queen he would not allow an examination.

As the Queen had no heirs, he took the throne for his own. There were some that tried to fight him for the power of the crown but he quickly dispatched of them with a brutality and power that had not been seen from him before.

A short while after securing the crown he had a new Queen. She was not as well liked.

When the couple went south and closed the Tanakahori Monastery the new queen was attacked by one of the crazy monks from this temple and she lost the kings unborn child. She has been much more liked since then.

The King has started to get disapproving whispers as he is much more harsh than anyone expected. As his life has flourished the people of Aloki have suffered. Though the people will never say anything to the King or in earshot of the many spies that he has among them.

Tounishi Atheam is a well built and intelligent man that is starting to gray at the temples. He is as capable defending himself as he is to pass judgement. He has defended himself against 13 assassination attempts by the Order of the Blood Rose. They will not hunt him again. He is known to be a powerful Magus, and not to be trifled with.


King Tounishi Atheam

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