Ish Giantstomper

have axe, will travel


Ish was born into an orc clan in the southwestern Norwest Forest near the Bloodlands. His father, Amrak, a human bandit from the Alyan Kingdom, met Ish’s mother, Teg, while fleeing the authorities of Alya. They eventually traveled south and rejoined her clan, Stone-Pounder. Ish lived with the clan until his mother died during an hobgoblin slaving raid. His father was seen as an outsider by most of the clan . When Ish was five, they moved to an old homestead near the village Bersk in the Domain of Rishin. They were never accepted by the locals there and were quite poor. Ish was constantly involved in conflicts with the other children and spent most of his time in the woods. His father taught him everything about fighting that he had learned when he was soldier in Alya. When was 19, his father died from a common illness. Ish saw little reason to stay at the homestead (which he still owns and about which he gave very stern warnings against trespass to the other locals). He worked with a small mercenary guard group initially and later traveled throughout the region alone until finding work with the others.

Amrak never told Ish much about how he became a bandit, but he knows that his father angered a despicable corrupt official because of an incident during border patrol. Amrak was forced out of the city through false charges, and he then targeted the official’s illegal activities as a bandit. The official appears to have been involved in the smuggling of dangerous black market goods. [extra-PC notes: the official has risen to a prominent and powerful position, and their illegal activities have steadily increased. Slavery is the only activity that they’re not involved in.]

Ish Giantstomper

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