Ian Ironheart

King of Tawn


LN Human Aristocrat 9 (Middle Age)
S11→10 D11→10 C13→12 I12→13→14 W12→13→14 Ch11→13→14

Natural-Born Leader

Knowledge(Nob) 5
Diplomacy 5
Bluff 4
Intimidate 4
Sense Motive 9
Knowledge(His) 5
Linguistics 4
Perform(Oratory) 9
Ride 3
Perception 9
Handle Animal 1
Knowledge(Local) 5

b)Iron Will
1)Noble Scion(Lore)
3)Improved Iron Will
5)Careful Speaker


King Ironheart is the respected and feared ruler of the Tawn Kingdom, and resides in Riverdyne. He is a sharp, administrative ruler who usually reads the supplemental notes sent from his generals, advisors, spys and negotiators. His past vigilance has created the successes that allow his kingdom to thrive so well today.
Lately, though, he has been less than his usually focused self. He has turned his attention to his children. They, used to inattention, are becoming acutely uncomfortable under his gaze. He is unaware as to the source of their discomfort, and royal feasts have become somewhat strained since.

Ian Ironheart

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