Herb Ennis

Queen Alya's Physician


Middle-Aged Human Cleric of Omo 6
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Herb is Queen Alya’s personal physician and confidant. He is a respected priest of Omo and is the younger brother of Duchess Ennis. He felt the calling as a young child and left his claims to nobility behind when he joined the priesthood. Despite this effort, his personal connections to other noble families made him seen as a competent and discrete healer for the upper class. He became the personal physician to the Queen four years ago. Despite these circumstances, he desperately wishes to tend to the wild spaces of the world, and to help the farmers of Alya by blessing fields and treating their animals- as most clerics of Omo do.

He was recently on a research trip to Hasickrickrockrollingthrough and was saved from a strange madness by the PC’s.

Herb Ennis

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