Griff Lugsund

Favored son of the Lugsund Clan


Dwarf Ranger 9
s14 d14→15 c14→16 i11→12 w12→14 ch12→10

Armor Expert

9 Survival
9 stealth
5 Ride
4 Swim
9 Handle Animal
5 Kn(Nat)
4 Kn(Geo)
9 Perception
1 Heal
1 Intimidate
1 Kn(Dun)
6 Pr(Administrator)
1)Point Blank Shot
R)Precise Shot
3)Weapon Focus:Composite Longbow
5)Rapid Shot
R)Improved Precise Shot
7)Clustered Shot
9)Improved Critical (Composite Longbow)


Griff is the favorite nephew of Nomski Lugsund, the current head of the Lugsund Clan. Griff is the current favorite to be named Chief.

Griff has made a name for himself as an expert tracker and hunter, and has helped keep the forests around Kigasund clear of danger for the past thirty years. He is nearing the age to marry, and has had a matchmaker working on details for the past six months. He is leery of forsaking the wilderness he has come to enjoy, but recognizes he has a larger duty to carry out than his current patrols.

His animal companion is Olga, a pony.

Griff Lugsund

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