Funkbon Woink

A gnome with an ear to the ground.


Gnomish Expert 3
s12→10 d10 c10→12 i14 w12 ch11→13

Merchant’s Child

3 Profession(Dockworker)
3 Kn(Loc)
1 kn(Nob, Geo, Eng)
3 Sense Motive
3 Bluff
2 Diplomacy
1 Intimidate
3 Perception
3 Stealth

1) Alertness
3)Breadth of Experience


Funkbon Woink is a gnomish dockworker who lives in Overdover. He knows which faces are new and which are passing through. He keeps an eye open for whats, whens, whos, and wheres. He’s usually kind of funny on the whys.

He has friends up and down the river, and can sometimes see that things find their way into certain hands without official notice.

He is a father of five, and his oldest daughter wants to be an illusionist.

Funkbon Woink

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