Erin Wydon


Human Aristocrat 2
s10 C10 D13 I12→14 W12 Ch13
Lang-Elf, Dwarf

Natural Leader

Diplomacy 2
Sense Motive 2
Kn(Loc) 1
Kn(His) 1
Kn(Nob) 1
Ride 2
Perform(Oratory) 1
Bluff 1
Linguistics 2 (Gnome, Draconic)
Bluff 1

Mounted Combat
Mounted Archery


Duke Erin Wydon is new at his job- at just seventeen years old, he has been unlucky enough to be thrust into Tawn politics due to his father’s untimely death at the hands of bandits. Surprisingly enough, he seems to be doing well at the job. He is not often found in Twin Bridges during the day, as he is usually in the surrounding countryside hunting for the men who killed his father, looking for a reason why.

Erin Wydon

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