Sheriff of Leverton


H-Orc Fighter 5
s16 D12 C14 I14 W10 Ch13
Traits: Suspicious, Ease of Faith
1:Improved Unarmed Strike
1:Skill Focus:Survival
2:Combat Expertise
3:Keen Scent
4:Improved Disarm
5:Improved Grapple
Skill ranks
5 Survival
5 Sense Motive
5 Intimidate
3 Diplomacy
1 Swim
1 Climb
+2 Studded Leather
+1 Wood Shield
MW Flail
MW Longbow
Magical Tatoo


Elric is the sheriff of Leverton. He wears scarred studded leather and a fairly new flail lies at his hip. His eyes are black, and his skin an olive green. A red paw print is tattooed on his right cheek.
He hails from the Orcish Tribelands to the east, but fled the Red Wolf tribe as his unusually Lawful outlook alienated him from his tribe. He takes his job as sheriff seriously and prefers to knock lawbreakers unconscious than attack with lethal means.
He is young and experienced, a skilled warrior at only 25. He has recently fallen in love with Layla Hargrave, but her father Michael disapproves of their relationship- even though Michael had pushed hard to make Elric sheriff not two years ago. Elric is attempting to be patient, but he is baffled as how to woo Layla- his tribe didn’t really ‘do’ marriages, monogamy, or consent- so he is proceeding very carefully.


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