Duser Torving


Dwarven Cleric 9 (Middle Aged)
s14→13 c12→13 d10→9 i13→14 w14→19 ch14→13

Focused Mind
Hedge Magician

5 Heal
9 Kn(rel)
9 Pr(Administrator)
9 Spellcraft
1 Kn(Nob, His)
2 Linguistics

1) Selective Channeling
3) Extend Spell
5) Craft Magic Arms & Armor
7) Skill Focus: Spellcraft
9) Breadth of Experience

Community, Protection


First cousin to Dral Torving, Duser Torving is a respected priest of Dunhum Byrun. He lives in Gikoving

He is respected because of his name, his position as high priest, and because he was part of an adventuring party that discovered and foiled a plot to assassinate the Chiefs of the Nubukto Clans at a hospitality meeting twenty years ago.

Middle age is treating Duser fairly well, and his three children have grown into a capable soldier, smith, and diplomat respectively.

Duser Torving

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