Dorik Tongbreaker

Patriarch of the Tongbreaker Clan


Dorik is the patriarch of the Tongbreaker Clan, a small dwarven clan which is based in Byrumba. The Tongbreakers are well known as misfits among the dwarven Nubukto Clans, who seem inextricably drawn towards the most undwarven lifestyles.

Dorik is determined to ‘clean up’ his family name. He frequently attends council meetings and is often selected as a neutral party for inter-clan disputes. The irony of him having become a politician and barrister has not quite sunk in yet.

Dorik has three children (two have left the clan-lands), a wife, and enjoys creating and testing new recipes for beer. He hopes to discover a brew that could challenge the legendary Byrumba Beer, but has thus far been unsuccessful.


Old Dwarven Fighter 2 / Aristocrat 4
s14→11 d 12→9 c14→13 i10→12 w14→16 ch13→13

Birthmark (holy symbol of Derwan)

Diplomacy 6
Perception 5
Sense Motive 5
Knowledge (nob)5
Knowledge (his)6
Profession (brewer) 3
Handle Animal 3

1 Weapon Focus:Dwarven Waraxe
2(f1) Endurance
3 Iron Will
4(f2) Shield Focus:Heavy
5 Observant

Dorik Tongbreaker

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