Brother Oliver

Charitable Healer


Human Cleric 2


Brother Oliver is a cleric of Akon. Orphaned as a child, he was adopted by the only cleric of Akon in his small, nearly-forgotten village in the Tawn Kingdom. The cleric had taken special notice of Oliver because of Oliver’s birthmark, which is a perfect representation of Akron’s holy symbol. Thus, after Oliver’s mother died in childbirth and his father died in a hunting expedition, the cleric interpreted those tragic events as an opportunity to raise Oliver as a child of Akron. Oliver was only three when he was adopted.

Brother Oliver quickly displayed an unusual talent for healing the sick and injured, even for a cleric of Akon. Even at an early age, his adoptive father would take Oliver on circuit to provide aid and comfort to the ill and injured in all the nearby villages and homesteads that lacked resident healers.

At the age of 16, Oliver was permitted to travel the circuit on his own. On his return home from his first circuit, he found his home village razed; everyone slaughtered including his adopted father. After realizing that all the other nearby villages and homesteads had met the same fate, he fled to the Temple to Akon in Riverdyne.

Once there, the elder clergy – impressed by Oliver’s life story – accepted Oliver and completed his learning. Oliver learned to scribe scrolls (a valuable source of income for the temple in Riverdyne) and began to receive honors at an unusual rate.

Disillusioned that the temple of Akron in Riverdyne was more concerned about receiving payment for healing than in charitable healing, Oliver left Riverdyne to meander through the word and heal the sick where ever he might find them and to find focus for his own life.

Brother Oliver

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