Arthur Chambliss

Headmaster of the Tawn Academy


Human Wizard 10 (Old)
S9→6 C11→8 D 11→8 I18→24 W10→12 Ch11→13

Classically Schooled

C)Scribe Scroll
R)School Focus: Conjuration
1)School Focus: Enchantment
3)School Focus: Illusion
C)Craft Wand
5)School Focus: Evocation
7)School Focus: Necromancy
9)School Focus: Abjuration
C)Extend Spell

Skill Ranks
10 Spellcraft
10 Kn(Arc, Pla)
5 Kn(Nob, His, Geo, Loc, Rel, Dun, Eng, Nat)
10 Linguistics
10 Fly
10 Craft (Woodcarving)


Headmaster Chambliss is is in charge of the Tawn Wizard Academy. He is also old and ornery. Very old, very ornery, and grows in both qualities every year.

Arthur grew up poor, and his parents died when he was five. No families could take him in, and he was resigned to be the only genius-level talent to live in the squalor of the streets of Riverdyne. In a stroke of luck this brilliant, poor, orphaned young man was noticed by King Harold Ironheart and offered the opportunity to study at the academy. He excelled in every capacity, staying in the school even through the holidays. Since he had nowhere to go after graduation, he stayed on at the academy in order to teach. It is rumored that he has not left the grounds in twenty years, and no one knows where Chambliss will go once his turn at headmaster is up.

Arthur Chambliss

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