The Rambling Minstrel

Day 1

I’m itching to get out of this town. We’ve been here almost a week. Haven’t run into the dragon yet, but I’m definitely not anxious to. Damn beasts. They always see right through a person.

I was performing in the market this morning, (the women and children here LOVE Maisie. I’ll have to keep her as my family friendly act.) Long story short, I have found a way out of here!
The Orc got a job and it sounds like they will need extra. Freedom! Hopefully this job will pay me enough to get me that hat. I’ve been so tired…

Day 2
Goblins. About as useful as mosquitoes. I miss Dubby – the world’s only useful Goblin. When you are invisible to society, no one watches what they say around you. A perfect friend. An even more perfect fall guy, may he rest in peace.

Day 3
I really should have swapped out that damned ring. Bolthar the Unyielding would have given me much more than 400gp, and I wouldn’t have had to share it.

Day 4
I stayed late in my room and noticed the cleric outside. I just don’t trust that guy. He obviously doesn’t trust me either, but that is beside the point. Oh well, time to pack up and leave this pond town.
Followed the cleric and heard him talking to that damn dragon. Sell out. Goody two shoes went straight to the local authorities and gave away our information. FOR FREE! Ugh. This is why I don’t work with others.
Not to mention, I must do everything I can to stay away from that dragon.

Decided to stay at “the house”. A sight better than the inn, but I really miss Terre D’Ange_.
Looks like we just missed the dragon, heard him beat off (_hehehe
) as we approached the road to the house. I hope he doesn’t come back. I need time to rest and change my hair. I’m getting tired of blue.
Shisno, doesn’t understand our need to run. Or, mine anyway. He is done running, but sticks around anyway. I’m glad of it. I’d get bored otherwise.

Day 5
Speaking of bored, the Elf, the Orc and the Cleric came back. OH yeah and the druid. He seems like he’s on a quest. I like quests. Shisno is just the guy he’s looking for, I’m sure of it. And he wouldn’t take a job without me, and besides, I have a feeling a mystery like his would be a great change of pace.
He’s a little weird, (hasn’t hit on me ONCE! Neither has the Elf! I’m sure the Orc prefers women with hooves, boils and braided ear hair, so there is no offense there… but the others? Oh gods! These small towns MUST be leeching away at me. Once we get back to civilization, I’m getting a full treatment.) Anyway, the druid doesn’t seem to be the kind to get in my way. And that is what is more important.

Day ?
I’ve been traveling with these guys for about 2 weeks. No inns or anything, which I don’t mind, but it has been quite a while since I’ve been in a group like this. I hate it. I have my tent, but I still worry. Soon they will expect me to keep watch. At least I won’t run into anyone important in these woods. And getting involved in dragon politics? I feel sick and scared and I have to get out of here as soon as I can. Maybe Shisno will just come. I can’t leave without him though, I know that.

I hate tents. Mine is cute and effective, and I do love being on the move, but it’s nothing like a soft bed, my choice of wine, and a lock on my door. I have to be so careful…


(from the DM)
Who are Maisie, Dubby, and Bolthar the Unyielding?

The Rambling Minstrel

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